Worship is at the center of all we do at St. Mary's. There are many ways you might spend your Sunday, but choosing to worship - connecting with God and a community of friends - helps each of us live the rest of the week a bit differently. Through worship and music, we are called out of our everyday lives and into an encounter with God in Christ. 

Congregations of the Episcopal Church share a rich liturgical tradition - which means we are rooted in an ancient rhythm of prayer.  Our worship services come from the Book of Common Prayer. While no two services will ever be exactly the same, the familiar structure of our services help us know what to expect each time we gather and assure us of our participation in a way that Christians have always offered thanks and praise to God.

The word liturgy means "the work of the people" because worship itself is some sort of offering (i.e. work) by people to praise and honor God.  Accordingly, liturgical worship at St. Mary's is only possible through the gifts of time and talent from many. Scroll through the pages in this part of our website to learn more about some of the ways that people regularly give to God's service in our community's worship.

(View inside the Main Sanctuary of St. Mary's)


(View inside the All Saints' Chapel of St. Mary's)


(View of the St. Francis Prayer Garden at St. Mary's)


(View of the Outdoor Worship Area at St. Mary's)