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    Hurricane Florence Relief

    God bless all who have shown Christ's love in and beyond our community after Hurricane Florence!  Mary's Kitchen continues to be a refuge to any in need of a meal.  St. Mary's also regularly receives visitors seeking hurricane-related...

      Mary's Kitchen

      Mary’s Kitchen was established in July 1984 as the fulfillment of a dream of the Rev. Dr. John Russell, the Rector of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church.

        Mission Trips

        St. Mary's has a long history of getting outside of 'usual' rhythms of living to experience the wonders of God's creation, get to know other people in the world, and serve in Christ's name.  Contact Fr. Tom to learn about the current...

          Music & Choirs


          Music at St. Mary’s is offered for the glory of God. We understand that music has the power to reach people on an emotional and psychological level that the spoken word cannot. The musicians at St. Mary’s strive to harness the many...